About Us

We strive to be the leading edge of mentorship. I, Andrew Umbaugh started my calling as a personal trainer. Realizing that my clients needed more than motivation for physical fitness, I wanted to help people with other aspects of their lives, becoming a life coach was the logical next step.  I was in contact with friends world wide and realized there was a need to centralize and consolidate life coaches from around the world so anyone anywhere could get the personal one-on-one attention that long distance and technology can’t provide. I wanted to put folks looking for a life coach in contact with someone in or around their area which led to the creation of Leading Edge Mentors . It all starts with an idea, a mind set , a goal , and a determination to be the best version of yourself.

Leading Edge Mentors at its heart, was designed to help people by offering the tools ,along with a team of professionals to eliminate exactly what it is that you don’t want in your life. In hopes of Eventually finding what you do want . Whether it’s Love , light , wealth or abundance. With the Direction and discipline received from the coaches here at Leading Edge Mentors you are most likely to succeed, it all starts with you.